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All Natural Carrier Oil, Essential Oil, and Natural Waxes

A temporary relief for headaches, dizziness and has a pure aromatic blend of locally produced citronella and lemongrass and neem grass thats keeps bugs , mosquitoes and insects away naturally.

It contains PILI OIL which helps moisturize our skin while ELEMI OIL which has an analgesic, antiseptic and helps provide temporary relief from breathing troubles due to congestion. It also has an antibacterial properties, totally safe and effective in naturally preventing insect bites.

Available Variants:

Vapor Balm provides temporary relief for headaches and dizziness, and helps ease breathing troubles. You can also use it for a quick muscle relief for tense shoulders for a calmer mood.

Bug Me Not Balm provides protection from mosquito and bug bites.

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Bug Me Not Balm, Breath Easy Balm


10g, 15g

How To Use

Apply onto wrists, arms, and/or neck. You may also swipe onto palm and massage over affected area.