Natrual Beauty Comes From Feeling Beautiful Within

PILI is a line of personal care products, but its mission is not about achieving skin deep beauty. Its philosophy is grounded on the idea that natural beauty comes from feeling beautiful within.

PILI works closely with Bikol’s farmers to protect the forest where pili trees thrive. All work is done within the tree’s natural seasonal cycles. No harmful pesticides, chemicals or other synthetic materials are used to grow the trees or induce harvests.

By making the research labs, marketing and distribution arms available to the farmers, they can have a sustainable livelihood and a better quality of life. Their progress and prosperity will naturally flow throughout the community, empowering everyone.

PILI is about beauty—for our skin and more importantly, for our community.


To be a responsible role model in the field of natural and organic products backed up by scientific verification from the principles of the law of nature.


To attain that business growth equitably with social concerns and moral obligations.

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