Frequently Asked Questions

What is your company’s vision?

Elemie – a company that believes in promoting premium quality Philippine beauty and wellness products , that is Truly derived from nature.

What kinds of product line do you have?

We have a Beauty Line ( Soap, lotion , oils, lipstick, lip balm, lip and cheek tint,  )  and a wellness line  ( deodorant, vapor balm , mosquito repellant,  essential oils)

Whats is special about your product?

Everything is enhanced with pili oil extract and elemi extracts from the Pili tree ( except for deodorant : elemi only)

Why did you choose to use pili into  your cosmetics?

There are a lot of special benefits coming from the different parts of  the Pili Tree , like the  Pili oil  which contains natural Vit E , moisturizing properties, and rich in anti oxidants ( helps dispel oxygen that is not needed by our body) and elemie oil has firming & anti bacterial properties.

What’s special about your Pili body  lotion?

Our Pili enhanced body has exceptional mositurizing properties that oil provides a Sustainable Moisturizing effect on the skin. It has the  right mix of   ( pili oil , coconut oil , elemi, etc..) that creates a unique absorption and  smoothens skin without sticky feeling.

Is your pili body oil the same as massage oil?  whats the difference?

Massage oils are more diluted with carrier oils

What’s special about your Pili Bath soap?

It has deep cleansing effect and softer skin feel. Theres various scents with different functions . ex . Citron for fresh scent and clensing , Citrus bloom – fresh scent smell and clean feeling, Lavender For relaxing  kalmansi for whitening and BO.

What is citron scent Pili soap?

Citron Soap is the scent of natural soap for fresh and clean feeling.

What is citrus blooms scent Pili soap?

Citrus Blooms is scent of soap , that has a floral citrusy blend , for fresh and clean feeling.

What’s Pili Lip tint and whats special about it?

Moisturizing with a touch of color for lips , Chocolate , Berry , Barely Red , Barely there, Blushed Pink –  product advantage – it makes your lips pouty.  stays on longer. just like balm which moisturizes and prevent chapped skin with a touch of color .

What is Pili Lip balm? Is it the same as lip tint?

Balm is the same as Lip tint minus color , to help soothes dry lips, Only one Mint flavour.

What is special about your Pili Lipstick? how many colors shade?

Our lipstick is enhanced with pili and contains no lead. its non-drying, moisturizes lips making it softer & pouty. It has the following shades:  Initial Hot Pink , Classic , Bordeaux, Latte, Nu, Rouge.

What is special about your Elemie Pili deodorant?

Our deodorant ( tawas)  enhance with the anti-oxidant and anti- bacterial properties of pili and elemi. tawas is all natural made infused with elemi that helps disperse bacterial causing odor

What is Elemie balm? whats the difference bug me not balm and vapor balm?

Elemi bug me not balm is used for anti mosquito ( its like citronella but enhanced with pili oil properties that is good for the skin)   and vapor balm ( is like sampaloc or tiger balm or white flower) is for respiratory and headache reliever ( also will not hurt or dry skin while enjoying the soothing benefits )

What are your different Elemie all natural and essential oil – what is rise and shine / sweet dreams / muscle/bug me not/vapor blend?

We have promotional ELEMIE Travel Kits 1.) Rise and shine Blend – is a full zesty blend a perfect pick me up  oils such as pettigrain , bergamot, lemon that helps promote a positive mood .2) Vapor Blend- a perfect combination of peppermint , menthol and eucalyptus to help ease clooged nose and relive headache, like vicks vapor rub minus the petroleum  3) Muscle Blend, a invigorating blend of eucalyptus , ginger cypree, thyme and juniperberries that help soothe tired and sore muscle ( like salonpas ). 4) Sweet dreams – Calming blend of Lavender, basil, clary sage and bergamot that helps relieve tension and with the aid of elemi oil that exudes feeling of deep peace and inner contentment .5)  Bug me not Blend – a rich belnd of citronella , lemongrass , neem and elemi oil that helps repel insect bites. like off lotion but natural .

How many product line do we have?

For now, we have about 10 diffferent products  and many more in the pipeline

Are we handing out product list and price list?

Just product list no pricelist

Is your Pili oil the same as coconut and argan oil?

aside from the fact that it is our own locally harvest fruit , pili oil is rich in anti oxidants and natural vit E ,it has sustained moisturisation  properties ( it has other trace elements not found in others)

Why is your products price not cheap?

Our price is based on the value of :  effectivity and exclusivity ( limited volume)  we only use pure premium quality raw materials

What product are the same as yours?

( mention here what products you are comparing yourself with  in terms of effectivity & quality ,  ex.  like L’occitane , Chanel, etc)

Whats minimum volume to avail of discounts?

email or call us

What different products do you have?

We will be glad to provide you with a product list

Are your products hypo-allergenic?

Pili oil has been tested for hypo allergenic but it is best to apply on small portion of body before actual application –  I remove the mention of nut based.

What is the expiry of your products?

average of 2 years conservatively

Do you have permits for selling these products?

yes as distributors and wholesaler. Manufacturer have their own FDA licenses per product

Can we order on line and where can we order?

Website is under construction but you can get details www. ( have them log in our Inquiries logbook)

Are your products organic ?

All our products are natural , pili oil is organic.

Do you have stocks for all your products?  how fast can you delivery after I place an order?

Delivery will depend on quantity , pls email us. we should be able to reply asap with a  definite delivery.

Do you have a product for my acne prone face?

None yet, but we will be developing our face soap soon, for the moment we only have body soaps

What is your return policy?

All our products have passed strict Quality assurance, pls email us for specific  return reason and we will get back to you .

What are the diff of soap variants?

Initially we only have 2 body soap scents:Citron &  citrus blooms. Its effective in taking away body odors

What is the diff of pili and elemi oil?

pili oil is from the pulp and is used in our moisturizing , and vit e while elemi is an essential oil with  anti viral , anti bacterial properties. The right combination of these 2 elements is the advantage of all our products.

Are there health benefits from using pili based product?

There are no medical benefits claims for our products, but with our 3 part beauty system : it Cleans, Moisturizes and Beautifies / Using it the For the skin , it promotes rejuvenation , moisturising cleansing effect

Is pili safe under sun exposure ?

Any excessive sun exposure is never beneficial to skin , moderate sun exposure is ok if body oil or lotion is used , no spf

Are your products safe for pregnant women?

Our product are all natural ingredients and we made sure no harmful ingredients are used

I’m allergic to nuts can i use your pili based products?

Our oils are extracted from the pulp not the nuts, we cannot guarantee allergic reactions, pls apply a small portion initially on forearm and see if there are reaction to skin

Are you open for distribution? Where can we buy your products?

pls email or call for inquiries

How long has this product been in the market?

We have been developing & testing all these product at different stages since 2010 , that’s a span of 5 years.

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